Class in Hall of Presidents

Grade-Level/Subject Tours for K - 12th Grade

The American Freedom Museum offers a grade specific, curriculum connected experience for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade that will help engage and challenge students to have a greater awareness and understanding of our rich American heritage. Teachers can find their area of study in action throughout history. They will find real life application of the skills their students are learning from the basics to higher level academic in the following areas:

  • reading, writing and literature
  • math and science
  • history and geography
  • psychology and sociology
  • speech and debate
  • Spanish
  • art and athletics

* All tours are grade-level appropriate and meet TEKS requirements. When you reserve your tour, please be sure to specify your grade level and tour choice. All tours are approximately 1 ½ hours long and have a maximum capacity of 40 students.

** All tours can be customized to correspond with the topic and subject matter pertaining to your specific class.

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