Museum Ribbon Cutting

American Freedom Museum Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

On May 15, 2010, the American Freedom Museum celebrated its grand opening!

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Step Into History

Step into history at the American Freedom Museum. Come explore the Museum's 15,000 square feet of galleries containing an amazing collection of over 600 artifacts and documents from the breadth of our nation’s history.

Hall of Freedom

Be transported back in time as you journey from the battlefields of the American Revolution all the way to the sands of Iraq.

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Hall of Presidents

A special gallery in the Museum features a document signed by every President of the United States from George Washington to Barack Obama.

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Cast Iron Cannon from War of 1812

Cannon from War of 1812

The cast iron cannon featured in the War of 1812 gallery has a colorful history. Manufactured between 1710-1730 by British cannon maker "W.J. Hall", the gun was used by American Revolutionary forces in North Carolina against the British.

Following the war, it was taken to Tennessee and used by that state's militia. With the outbreak of hostilities in the War of 1812, the cannon was taken by Andrew Jackson and his forces "down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico" where it was used by them against the British again at the famous Battle of New Orleans in 1815.

The cannon is mounted on a cypress New Orleans made naval carriage and contains all original iron work, including the cast iron wheels. (Overall size: 3 inch bore, 5 feet long, 400 pounds)

Barack Obama State of the Union Signature

Barack Obama Signature

When Congressman Louie Gohmert (1st District, Texas) became aware that the American Freedom Museum had every presidential signature except one, he promised he would do his best to assist the Museum in acquiring it.

He made good on his promise.

On January 27, 2010, at the completion of the State of the Union Address, Congressman Gohmert approached President Obama and mentioned to him that his was the only autograph missing at the Museum. The President replied "We'll fix that" and signed a card which is now on display along with a photograph of him signing the card.

Mission Statement

The American Freedom Museum exists to:

HONOR American veterans and military personnel and the sacrifices they have made to ensure our freedoms;

EDUCATE this and future generations about our rich heritage;

INSPIRE others to achieve greatness.

Support AFM

There are many ways to support the American Freedom Museum!

  1. Mail your gift to:
    American Freedom Museum
    Attn: Development
    1051 N Houston St.
    Bullard, TX 75757
  2. Call our Development Office to donate over the phone (903) 894-5252

Museum Location

The Museum is located on the campus of The Brook Hill School, a private college preparatory school in Bullard, Texas:

1051 N. Houston St. (Old Jacksonville Hwy.)
Bullard, Texas 75757

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About Brook Hill

The Brook Hill School is a vibrant, independent Christian school, set on a beautiful 180-acre campus in East Texas, with a three-fold mission: To provide excellence in college preparatory education, affirm the gifts and challenge the potential of each student, and encourage students to honor God through Christ-like character.

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