2nd Grade Hall of Presidents

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade


Meet the Presidents                                                                   Grades: K - 2nd

The Presidents are all dressed up and ready to make your acquaintance! Come and learn how each man helped establish the United States of America as a great nation. We will have a scavenger hunt for presidents and American symbols and even play a favorite game of the presidents.  (Focus: K – letter and number recognition, older – history and geography) 

I Spy                                                                                               Grades: K - 2nd

I spy with my little eye, a book, a horse, a plane way up high. Can you find all these things? Come and give it a try! After taking a careful inventory of all the amazing things in the museum, an endless possibility for graphing and charting lies ahead! Who is the best detective in your class? (Focus: basic math or Level I Spanish)

Stories You Wish You Knew                                                         Grades: 2nd

The history of the United States is nothing more than ordinary men and women doing extraordinary things. Come and discover acts of heroism and bravery that make American history a great adventure. (Focus: history)

Please Note:

 ***All tours are grade-level appropriate and meet TEKS requirements. When you reserve your tour, please be sure to specify your grade level and tour choice. All tours are approximately 1 ½ hours long and have a maximum capacity of 40 students.

***All tours can be customized to correspond with the topic and subject matter pertaining to your specific class.

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